Guess the Number

Reveal the clues to work out the number

Guess the Number 25          A          B

Order the Clues 25          Set A          Set B          Set C

Guess the Number 100          A          B

Order the Clues 100          Set A          Set B          Set C

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Carroll Diagrams

Great interactive with a large variety of sorting criteria

Diagram and number cards          odd/even and more/less than 10          odd/even and multiple of 2/5

Diagram and number cards          prime numbers and more/less than 20          square numbers and more/less than 30

Diagram and number cards          multiple of 3 and more/less than 20          multiple of 4 and more/less than 20

Diagram and number […]

Abacus 1

 Demonstrate odd and even numbers on the abacus and partition using arrow cards

Bead Numbers     TU     HTU     ThHTU

Abacus Odds Problem     TU     HTU

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