Cycling Squares

Complete the cycle to make all adjoining circles add to a square number

OR try these slightly simpler versions of the problem with only ten circles in the ring.

Cycling Squares          A          B

Cycling Primes          A          B

Cycling          Threes          Fours          Sixes          Sevens          Eights          Nines

Factor Game

Play a competitive or co-operative game to make factor/multiple chains

Factor Multiple Game          Recording Sheet

Factor Chains

Nrich Maths          Factor-multiple chains

Speed Mult Divide

Choose your questions and time allowed then click for a quick test

Guess my Number

Solve a variety of 1 and 2 step think of a number problems

16 mixed 1 step problem cards with matching numbers          A          B

Make up 1 step problem cards to match numbers          A          B

Make up 1 step problem cards for          numbers 1 – 10          multiples of 3

16 mixed 2 step problem cards with matching […]

Carroll Diagrams

Great interactive with a large variety of sorting criteria

Diagram and number cards          odd/even and more/less than 10          odd/even and multiple of 2/5

Diagram and number cards          prime numbers and more/less than 20          square numbers and more/less than 30

Diagram and number cards          multiple of 3 and more/less than 20          multiple of 4 and more/less than 20

Diagram and number […]

Ace Maths Games

Great fun mental maths games with an added element of strategical reasoning.

Available to buy – contact me to buy a book pack (including a pack of cards and counters) at a reduced price of £7 a pack including P&P. Further discounts on offer for purchase of multiple books.

OR just click on the picture […]

Octopus Factors

Lovely 1 or 2 player game to practice the relationship between factors and multiples

Factors of numbers          up to 20          up to 40          up to 80

Factor multiplying          x 2 5 10          x 3 4 8          x 6 7 9          tricky numbers

Octopus Factors          Mystic          Mega

Octopus Factor          bingo cards

Nrich Maths          Factors and Multiples Game          Factor […]

Venn Diagram

  Sort multiples, prime and square numbers using two or three intersecting sets

Mixed sorting of even, odd and multiples up to 5

Sort even numbers and multiples of 3

Sort multiples of 3 and 7

Sort square numbers and multiples of 4

Sort prime numbers and those with an even tens digit

How many ways can you sort diagram […]