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The Maths Factor

Online courses, fun games and lots more to help your child with maths at home

Doodle Maths

Apps for all ages to help children learn at home

Free trial but then need to pay for access but has a great programme of activities and questions that adapt to the ability of the child to help them gain confidence and accelerate progress.


Fun games and practice activities for all ages – subscription fees apply


Fun educational games which track your child’s progress – subscription fees apply

Ace Maths Games

Great fun mental maths games with an added element of strategical reasoning.

Available to buy – contact me to buy a book pack (including a pack of cards and counters) at a reduced price of £7 a pack including P&P. Further discounts on offer for purchase of multiple books.

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Facts to 50 Book B

  Print out this free 24 page practice book to improve addition and subtraction skills.

Documents to download

Add & Subtract to 50 Book B

Counting to 20

Counting to 20 Book

Counting to 10

Counting to 10 Book

Counting to 10 Flashcards (pdf)

Counting to 5

Counting to 5 Book

Counting to 5 Flashcards (pdf)

Eleven Times Tables

Eleven Times Table Booklet