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Parking Maths

Steer your car using the arrow keys to park it onto the correct answer. Addition at all levels from Year 1 – 6.

Tommy’s Trek

Select from four world backgrounds to trek through on your journey to avoid dangers and jump on your enemies. Choose from a wide selection of levels to play.

Archery Arithmetic

Single or multi-player game to answer your chosen level of  multiplication questions in order to fire at the archery targets to try and score maximum points.

Marlon’s Mission

Travel through a mystical forest battling the forces of evil by answering questions at any level from Year 1 – Year 6. Are you strong, swift and brave enough to complete the mission?

Jetpack Multiply

Float through space answering times table questions as you go.

Maths Fishing

Cast your rod and strike to catch the fish and answer a range of multiplication questions at a variety of levels.

Maths Race

Choose from a range of multiplication skills and then race to the finish, steering into the correct answers as you go.

Cycling Squares

Complete the cycle to make all adjoining circles add to a square number

OR try these slightly simpler versions of the problem with only ten circles in the ring.

Cycling Squares          A          B

Cycling Primes          A          B

Cycling          Threes          Fours          Sixes          Sevens          Eights          Nines

Factor Game

Play a competitive or co-operative game to make factor/multiple chains

Factor Multiple Game          Recording Sheet

Factor Chains

Nrich Maths          Factor-multiple chains

The Maths Factor

Online courses, fun games and lots more to help your child with maths at home