Odd and Even

Place value and partitioning

Positive and Negative

Read, write, order and compare



Higher and Lower

Have fun playing the game and then put the cards in the correct order

Word card set          up to 20          up to 100

Number card set          up to 20          up to 100          up to 1000          up to 10,000

Decimal Number set          up to 1dp          up to 2dp          up to 3dp

Positive/Negative numbers set

Fraction set

Numbers Bingo

Fun way to practice recognising numbers using different representations

Nrich Maths          Snail One Hundred

Make Numbers

Make all the possible numbers from different digits then compare and order

Make numbers          2 digit numbers from 3 cards          3 digit numbers from 3 cards

Make numbers          3 digit numbers from 4 cards          4 digit numbers from 4 cards

Nrich Maths          Nice or Nasty

Nasty game boards          2 digits          3 digits          4 digits          3 digits with 1dp […]

Carroll Diagrams

Great interactive with a large variety of sorting criteria

Diagram and number cards          odd/even and more/less than 10          odd/even and multiple of 2/5

Diagram and number cards          prime numbers and more/less than 20          square numbers and more/less than 30

Diagram and number cards          multiple of 3 and more/less than 20          multiple of 4 and more/less than 20

Diagram and number […]

Ladybird Spots

Count match and order numbers up to 10 using the visual image of a ladybird

Large ladybird with stick on spots

Ladybird spots, numbers and words          matching cards

Add missing spots with numbers up to 6          A          B

Add missing spots with words up to 6          A          B

Add missing spots with numbers up to 10          A          B

Add missing […]

Ace Maths Games

Great fun mental maths games with an added element of strategical reasoning.

Available to buy – contact me to buy a book pack (including a pack of cards and counters) at a reduced price of £7 a pack including P&P. Further discounts on offer for purchase of multiple books.

OR just click on the picture […]

Bee Counting

Estimate and count up to 10 bees

Count and colour up to 5 bees in numbers          A          B

Count and colour up to five bees in words          A          B

Count and colour up to 10 bees in numbers          A          B

Count and colour up to ten bees in words          A          B

Flowers with numbers, words and bees to count and […]

Place Value Shifter

  Excellent visual tool to demonstrate moving digits

This previously free resource is now part of a package of four interactives on TES Elements that costs £2.00 to purchase!

Compare Numbers

  Compare Numbers up to 100, 1000 or 10000

Compare Number Cards     TU     HTU     ThHTU     U.t     U.t h

Compare Number Template     two numbers     three numbers

Nrich Maths          Greater Than or Less Than

The Sequencer

  Hide or reveal different sections of the sequence for children to complete

Sequences with increment of 2     A     B

Sequences with increment of 3     A     B

Sequences with increment of 4     A     B

Sequences with increment of 5     A     B

Sequences with increment of 6     A     B

Sequences with […]