Tables Bingo

Fun way to practice multiplication tables and division facts

Calculation Balance

Balance the scales by making both sides equal

Addition within 10          A          B

Subtraction within 10          A          B

Addition within 20          A          B

Subtraction within 20          A          B

Multiplication easier          A          B

Multiplication harder          A          B

Division          A          B

Mixed Calculations easier          A          B

Mixed Calculations harder          A          B

Mixed Calculations Balance Cards          Set 1          Set 2

Nrich Maths          Add the Weights          Sort Them Out 2

Inverse Machines

Great visual resource for teaching inverse relationships

Times Tables          x 2          x 3          x 4          x 5          x 6          x 7          x 8          x 9          x 10          x 11          x 12

Times Tables x 2 5 10          A          B

Times Tables x 3 4 8          A          B

Times Tables x 6 7 9          A          […]

Carroll Diagrams

Great interactive with a large variety of sorting criteria

Diagram and number cards          odd/even and more/less than 10          odd/even and multiple of 2/5

Diagram and number cards          prime numbers and more/less than 20          square numbers and more/less than 30

Diagram and number cards          multiple of 3 and more/less than 20          multiple of 4 and more/less than 20

Diagram and number […]

Function Machine 2

Explore 1 and 2 step function machines in a variety of ways using this very flexible resource

Number Machines          add 1 and 2          add 3 and 4          add 5 and 6          add 7 and 8

Number Machines          subtract 1 and 3          subtract 2 and 4          subtract 5 and 8          subtract 6 and 7

Number Machines          multiply by 2 and 5          multiply by 3 and […]

Ace Maths Games

Great fun mental maths games with an added element of strategical reasoning.

Available to buy – contact me to buy a book pack (including a pack of cards and counters) at a reduced price of £7 a pack including P&P. Further discounts on offer for purchase of multiple books.

OR just click on the picture […]

Triangle Cards

  Reveal different parts to practice multiplication and division facts

Trio Facts     x 2 5 10          x 3 4 6          x 7 8 9

Triangle Fact Cards     up to x 6 and x 10          up to x 12

Triangle Fact Cards with missing numbers […]

Hit the Button

  Practice individual or mixed times tables and division facts against the clock

Hit the Button     multiply by 2     divide by 2

Hit the Button     multiply by 3     divide by 3

Hit the Button     multiply by 4     divide by 4

Hit the Button     multiply by 5     divide by 5

Hit the […]

Number Balance

  Calculate correctly to make the scales balance

Balance multiplication by 2 3 4 5 and 10 with answer on one side     A     B

Balance division by 2 3 4 5 and 10 with answer on one side     A     B

Balancing Numbers cut-out cards multiply by 2 3 4 5 10 with […]

Work-Out Multiply

  Answer multiplication facts up to x5 or x10 against the clock

Multiplication up to x5     A     B

Divide by numbers up to 5     A     B

Multiplication up to x10     A     B

Divide by numbers up to 10     A     B

Digit Work-Out Blank Templates     multiply     divide