Fractions, decimals and percentages





FDP Balance

Balance equivalent values for fractions, decimals and percentages

Equivalent balances          fractions halves, quarters and thirds          fractions mixed

Equivalent balances          decimal/percentage          fraction/decimal          fraction/percentage          fraction/decimal/percentage

Large balance scales to use with card sets          scales showing equivalence          scales showing more/less than

Cards sets to use with large balance scales          unit fractions          vulgar fractions     A     B

Cards sets to use with large balance scales          difficult mixed fractions     A     B          […]

Percentage Bingo

Fun way to practice calculating percentages of different amounts

Complements Bingo

Fun way to practice quick recall of making different amounts

Nrich Maths          Pairs of Numbers

Fraction Bingo 2

Fun way to practice recognising fractions in different equivalences

Nrich Maths          Matching Fractions          Fraction Match

Fraction Bingo 1

Fun way to practice calculating fractions of  different amounts

Nrich Maths          Fraction Card Game 1          Fractions and Coins Game

Addition Bingo

Fun way to practice a variety of mental addition strategies

Inverse Machines

Great visual resource for understanding inverse relationships

Add within 10          A          B

U + U          A          B

TO + U          A          B

TU + U          A          B

TO + TO          A          B

TU + TO          A          B

TU + TU          A          B

O.t + O.t          A          B

U.t + U.t          A          B

Ace Maths Games

Great fun mental maths games with an added element of strategical reasoning.

Available to buy – contact me to buy a book pack (including a pack of cards and counters) at a reduced price of £7 a pack including P&P. Further discounts on offer for purchase of multiple books.

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Dartboard Simplify

  Reveal or input fractions to show the simplest form


  Reveal or input equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages