FDP Balance

Balance equivalent values for fractions, decimals and percentages

Equivalent balances          fractions halves, quarters and thirds          fractions mixed

Equivalent balances          decimal/percentage          fraction/decimal          fraction/percentage          fraction/decimal/percentage

Large balance scales to use with card sets          scales showing equivalence          scales showing more/less than

Cards sets to use with large balance scales          unit fractions          vulgar fractions     A     B

Cards sets to use with large balance scales          difficult mixed fractions     A     B          […]

Fraction Bingo 2

Fun way to practice recognising fractions in different equivalences

Nrich Maths          Matching Fractions          Fraction Match

Fraction Bingo 1

Fun way to practice calculating fractions of  different amounts

Nrich Maths          Fraction Card Game 1          Fractions and Coins Game

Dartboard Simplify

  Reveal or input fractions to show the simplest form

Dartboard Fractions

  Reveal or input numbers to make whole number or decimal fractions of amounts

Documents to download

Finding unit fractions of amounts with denominators of 2 3 4 5 10     A     B

Finding unit fractions of amounts with denominators of 3 4 6 7 8 9     A     B

Finding vulgar fractions of amounts   […]

Flags – thirds

Link no longer available but please see other fraction flag interactive using halves and quarters to demonstrate the idea

Fraction Flags     thirds          fifths

Flag of Estonia – thirds

Fraction Flags     12 parts          24 parts

Fraction Flags 24 part equivalent fractions

Half and quarters

Fraction Flags     halves          halves & quarters

Flag of Monaco – halves

Flag of Mauritius – quarters

Nrich Maths          Paper Halving          Halving          Happy Halving