Higher and Lower

Have fun playing the game and then put the cards in the correct order

Word card set          up to 20          up to 100

Number card set          up to 20          up to 100          up to 1000          up to 10,000

Decimal Number set          up to 1dp          up to 2dp          up to 3dp

Positive/Negative numbers set

Fraction set

Complements Bingo

Fun way to practice quick recall of making different amounts

Nrich Maths          Pairs of Numbers

Addition Bingo

Fun way to practice a variety of mental addition strategies

Inverse Machines

Great visual resource for understanding inverse relationships

Add within 10          A          B

U + U          A          B

TO + U          A          B

TU + U          A          B

TO + TO          A          B

TU + TO          A          B

TU + TU          A          B

O.t + O.t          A          B

U.t + U.t          A          B

Ace Maths Games

Great fun mental maths games all with an added element of strategical reasoning. Available to buy – just click on the picture and follow the link to Tarquin publishing.

Dartboard Decimals

  Reveal or input decimal numbers to make complements to 1 and 10

Documents to download

Making multiples of 1 using numbers to 1dp     A     B

Making multiples of 1 using numbers to 2dp     A     B

Decimal Demo