Fractions, decimals and percentages





Loop Cards

Choose from a huge variety of loop cards to complete on screen

Nrich Maths          Ordering Cards          Doughnut Percents

Number Drop Tenths

Choose your level and drop the numbers into the correct place

Number Drop          A          B

Add/subtract 1          A          B

Nrich Maths          Spiralling Decimals          Spiralling Decimals for Two

Lily Jump 1

Four levels of difficulty to round to the nearest 1

Easy tenths          0-10          varied starting points

Medium hundredths          0-10          varied starting points

Hard thousandths          0-10          varied starting points

Blank Lily Pad Number Lines          A          B

Nrich Maths          Round the Decimals 1          Round the Decimals 2

Would You Rather

Compare fractions of amounts at four different levels

This previously free resource is now part of a package of 15 interactives and activities on TES Elements that costs £2.00 to purchase.

Level 1 cards          Set A          Set B

Level 2 cards          Set A          Set B

Level 3 cards          Set A          Set B

Level 4 cards          Set A          Set […]

Number Pop

Choose level of difficulty, including decimals, compare the numbers and then pop away

Number Pop 0 – 10          A          B

Number Pop 0 – 20          A          B

Number Pop 0 – 100          A          B

Number Pop U.t          A          B

Number Pop TU.t          A          B

Number Pop          A          B

Cut and stick number sets          0 – 10          0 […]

Speed Add Subtract

Choose your questions and time allowed then click for a quick test

Speed Fractions

Choose your questions and time allowed then click for a quick test

Shading Blocks

Shade a variety of different fractions on all sorts of shapes

Shading Fractions          Half          Half and Quarters          Half Quarters and Three Quarters

Shading Fractions          Half and Thirds          One and Two Thirds

Sorting Fractions          Half          One Quarter          One Third

Nrich Maths          Rectangle Tangle          Fractional Triangles

Simplifying Fractions

A step by step guide to simplifying fractions

Simplifying fractions          A          B

Sorting fraction cards          A          B

Add Fractions

A step by step guide to adding fractions and then simplifying

Add Fractions Starter          A          B

Add Fractions Learner          A          B

Add Fractions Expert          A          B

Nrich Maths          Linked Chains          Fraction Lengths