Number Facts to 10

Number Facts to 20

Mental +/- to 100

Mental +/- to 1000

Formal Written Addition

Formal Written Subtraction


Practise mental addition skills and inverse relationships to solve a variety of problems

Three brick addition with base numbers          up to 4          not crossing 10          not crossing 10 including inverse

Three brick addition with base numbers          single digit numbers crossing 10          single digit numbers crossing 10 including inverse

Three brick addition with base numbers          up to 20          up to […]

Subtraction Bingo

Fun way to practice a range of mental subtraction calculations

Complements Bingo

Fun way to practice quick recall of making different amounts

Nrich Maths          Pairs of Numbers

Addition Bingo

Fun way to practice a variety of mental addition strategies

Calculation Balance

Balance the scales by making both sides equal

Addition within 10          A          B

Subtraction within 10          A          B

Addition within 20          A          B

Subtraction within 20          A          B

Multiplication easier          A          B

Multiplication harder          A          B

Division          A          B

Mixed Calculations easier          A          B

Mixed Calculations harder          A          B

Mixed Calculations Balance Cards          Set 1          Set 2

Nrich Maths          Add the Weights          Sort Them Out 2

Inverse Machines

Great visual resource for understanding inverse relationships

Add within 10          A          B

U + U          A          B

TO + U          A          B

TU + U          A          B

TO + TO          A          B

TU + TO          A          B

TU + TU          A          B

O.t + O.t          A          B

U.t + U.t          A          B

Hit the Button

Quick fire recall of a variety of mental maths facts

Add within 10          A          B

Missing numbers within 10          A          B

Add within 10          question cards          missing button

Make 10          A          B

Add within 20          A          B

Add within 20          question cards          missing button

Make 20          A          B

U + U + U          A          B

U + U + U          question cards



Magic Squares

Solve a variety of different random puzzles or set your own totals using this magic square interactive

Magic Squares

1 2 3 Magic Square

Not at All Magic Squares

Not so Magic Squares 9 – 15          four clues          two clues          no clues

Not so Magic Squares 18 – 24          four clues          two clues          no clues

Not so Magic Squares          9 problem     […]

Maths Square

Variation of a magic square with different puzzles to solve

Magic Hole Squares

Magic Cube

Nrich Maths          Polo Square

Function Machine 2

Explore 1 and 2 step function machines in a variety of ways using this very flexible resource

Number Machines          add 1 and 2          add 3 and 4          add 5 and 6          add 7 and 8

Number Machines          subtract 1 and 3          subtract 2 and 4          subtract 5 and 8          subtract 6 and 7

Number Machines          multiply by 2 and 5          multiply by 3 and […]