Produce a variety of pictograms with relevant questions

Unit = 1 complete sentences          Pet pictogram     A     B          Stickers pictogram     A     B

Unit = 1 write sentences          Sports pictogram     A     B

Unit > 1 with questions          Ice-cream pictogram     A     B          Table points pictogram     A     B

Unit > 1 write statements          TV […]

Snail Racing

Race the alien snails and then complete a bar chart of results

Results table          Version 1          Version 2          Version 3

Result statements

Snail Racing Powerpoint

Bar Chart

Produce vertical or horizontal bar charts on many themes

10/20 intervals all marked with questions       Fruit chart     A     B

10/20 intervals all marked write sentences       Traffic chart     A     B

20 intervals 10/5/4 marked with questions       Birthday chart     A     B     C      Play chart     A     B     C

20 intervals 10/5/4 marked write […]