Hidden Shape

Search for clues to name hidden shape – simple or advanced

Sorry but this previously free interactive resource is now only available for a small fee by following the link to the new TES resource site.

Draw the Shape          A          B

Nrich Maths          Seeing Squares          Jig Shapes          […]

Shape Curtains

Open the curtains and press guess when you can name the shape

Nrich Maths          Overlaps          Overlapping Again

Co-ordinate Markers

Use markers to plot co-ordinates in 1 or 4 quadrants

Label 1 quadrant markers          A          B

Position 1 quadrant markers          A          B

1 quadrant marker cards          A          B

1 quadrant grid

Label 4 quadrant markers          A          B

Position 4 quadrant markers          A          B

4 quadrant marker cards          A          B

4 quadrant grid

Nrich Maths          Cops and Robbers

Interactive Angles

Investigate and measure a wide range of angles

What’s My Angle?

Show, make, measure and estimate a variety of angles

Alien Angles

Estimate angles to locate hidden aliens

Co-ordinate Grids

Plot or find co-ordinates on a variety of grids

Plotting Grids          Version 1          Version 2          Version 3

Plotting Grids          Version 4          Version 5          Version 6

Nrich Maths          Coordinate Tan          Coordinate Cunning


Play Battleships in one, two or four quadrants

Battleships Grid Games          Starter          Learner          Expert

Random Angles

Measure randomly selected angles using this interactive

Angle Measure

Estimate and then measure a variety of angle sizes