Reflective Symmetry

Position the shapes to make the different grids symmetrical

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Small Grid Vertical/Horizontal          A          B

Small Grid Diagonal          A          B

Small Grid Design Your Own          Vertical/Horizontal          Diagonal

Medium Grid Vertical/Horizontal          A          B

Medium Grid Diagonal          A          B

Medium […]

Symmetry Lines

Rotate and position the line of symmetry on a variety of shapes

Position Lines of Symmetry          A          B          C

Nrich Maths          Let Us Reflect

Shape Labels 2

Add the correct labels to describe the shapes

Shape Cards          Set A          Set B

Shape Labels          Set A          Set B

Nrich Maths           Shape Draw          What Am I?         Shapely Lines         Always, Sometimes or Never? Shape

Shape Labels 1

Add the correct labels to describe the shapes

Shape Cards

Shape Labels

Nrich Maths          Data Shapes          Always, Sometimes or Never? KS1

Hidden Shape

Search for clues to name the hidden shape – simple or advanced

Draw the Shape          A          B

Nrich Maths          Seeing Squares          Jig Shapes          What Shape?          What Shape for Two

Shape Curtains

Open the curtains and press guess when you can name the shape

Nrich Maths          Overlaps          Overlapping Again

Shape Sort 2D

Create your own diagram and sorting criteria

Venn Diagram          more than 4 sides/parallel sides          more than 4 sides/regular polygons

Venn Diagram          quadrilateral/right angle          symmetry/equal angles

Venn Diagram          sorting labels          2D shapes for sorting

Venn Diagram          how many ways can you sort?

Nrich Maths          Shapely Lines

Sorting Shapes

Huge variety of sorting criteria with this interactive

Nrich Maths          Matching Triangles

Shape Sorter

Choose or guess the rules on different Venn diagrams

Nrich Maths          Sorting Shapes          Sorting Logic Blocks           Logic Block Collections

Carroll Diagrams

Sort shapes in a variety of ways using 1 or 2 criteria

Carroll Diagram          reqular/quadrilateral          reqular/right angle          symmetry/straight sides

Cut-out sorting shapes

Nrich Maths          Stringy Quads          Where Are They?