NGFL Polyhedra

Great resource which helps visualise and investigate the properties of 3D shapes

Nrich Maths          A Puzzling Cube          Triangular Faces

Carroll 3D shapes

Choose from loads of different sorting criteria to sort 3D shapes

Sort 3D Shapes

Drag and drop shapes that fit the different criteria

Geometry 3D

Use the animations to discover properties of 3D shapes

Whole class card set          3D shape activity

Nrich Maths          Cut Nets          Christmas Presents

Geometric Solids

Manipulate and learn about geometric shapes and their properties

Matching cards          3D shapes

Nrich Maths          A Chain of Eight Polyhedra          Construct-o-straws

Speed Bonds

Choose your questions and time allowed then click for a quick test

Reflective Symmetry

Position the shapes to make the different grids symmetrical

This previously free resource is now part of a package of 31 activities and interactives on TES Elements that costs £3.00 to purchase.

Small Grid Vertical/Horizontal          A          B

Small Grid Diagonal          A          B

Small Grid Design Your Own          Vertical/Horizontal          Diagonal

Medium Grid Vertical/Horizontal          A          B

Medium Grid Diagonal          A          B

Medium […]

Symmetry Lines

Rotate and position the line of symmetry on a variety of shapes

Position Lines of Symmetry          A          B          C

Nrich Maths          Let Us Reflect

Shape Labels 2

Add the correct labels to describe the shapes

Shape Cards          Set A          Set B

Shape Labels          Set A          Set B

Nrich Maths           Shape Draw          What Am I?         Shapely Lines         Always, Sometimes or Never? Shape

Shape Labels 1

Add the correct labels to describe the shapes

Shape Cards

Shape Labels

Nrich Maths          Data Shapes          Always, Sometimes or Never? KS1