Maths Fishing

Cast your rod and strike to catch the fish and answer a range of multiplication questions at a variety of levels.

Maths Race

Choose from a range of multiplication skills and then race to the finish, steering into the correct answers as you go.

Tommy’s Trek

Collect the coins and move through the levels by reading numbers up to 20, 100 or 1000.

Monty’s Memory

Test your memory by recalling the position of numbers and then choosing the correct answer to a variety of questions on a whole range of maths topics – increasing levels of challenge

Number Fact Fighter

Answer a series of questions to launch the fighter and battle the enemy

Crystal Add

Crash the crystals to work your way through a range of missions


Steer the snake around the garden to swallow the correct answer.

Maths Raiders

Practice a whole range of skills whilst shooting down enemy craft.

Maths Invaders

Great free game to practice a huge range of different maths skills at five challenge levels

Maths Playground

Great choice of games for all ages and abilities