Monty’s Memory

Test your memory by recalling the position of numbers and then choosing the correct answer to a variety of questions on a whole range of maths topics – increasing levels of challenge

Number Fact Fighter

Answer a series of questions to launch the fighter and battle the enemy

Crystal Add

Crash the crystals to work your way through a range of missions


Steer the snake around the garden to swallow the correct answer.

Maths Raiders

Practice a whole range of skills whilst shooting down enemy craft.

Maths Invaders

Great free game to practice a huge range of different maths skills at five challenge levels


A range of great KS2 games at different challenge levels

Maths Playground

Great choice of games for all ages and abilities

Monty’s Wall

Stop Monty building his wall – all ages and huge variety of mental calculation practice

Crystal Multiply

  Practice a whole range of mental multiplication skills at different levels